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Company culture
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The enterprise values:Customer service, excellent quality ,  practical based , honesty and integrity

Customer service: committed to customer satisfaction, let the customer feel at ease and have trust

Excellent quality: focus on customer requirements and have an impact on quality and innovation

Factualistic: based on the fact of decision-making and management

Honesty and integrity: to establish  trust amongst each other, which is responsible for  interpersonal relationship

Scientific management, excellence, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Scientific management: advanced perfect scientific methods of management  guarantees stable operation

Excellence: keep improving,the  attitude of  pursuit of details perfect quality

Continuous improvement: the spirit of continuous innovation, stimulates the enterprise vitality

Customer satisfaction: with scientific management, strive for perfection and continues improve to achieve customer satisfaction

Working perfect and strong for a long time

Working perfect: details, quality and uniqueness produces quality products

Being strong: advanced concepts, advanced technology and strict quality moulds excellent enterprise

Sustainability:  healthy, stable, sustains enterprise long-term development

Corporate mission: to quest for the benefit of customers


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